Valentines Day Gifts for Her
Valentine's Day 2018

Romantic VALENTINES DAY Gifts for HER

You love her and she loves you right back! There’s a little magic and a special tug in the heart! Come Valentine’s Day your feelings for her heighten and the warm joy of being loved spreads far and wide. You want to take her to the moon and back. You want to be the reason for her smile. You want to shower on her every little happiness that you can find. FloroIndia gives you the best gifts for her this Valentine’s Day. Don’t believe us, read on!

100 Red Roses : So she’s special and you’re delighted to have her in your life. Get her this fresh bouquet of crimson red roses with 100 flowers each dedicated to the 100 reasons you love her like you do! This heart shaped floral bonanza will truly depict the inside of your loving heart! What say?

Divine Heart


Hug Buddy : When she’s in love she is totally nuts, head over heels about you! Get her this sweet teddy bear, her very own cuddly friend who she can hold close each time she thinks of you. The soft fur and sweet eyes will fill her mind with gentle and loving thoughts about you. The little heart reading I LOVE YOU will keep her soaked in your love all day, all night! Besides, the aroma of this bouquet of red roses will add to the freshness this romantic day brings along.

Teddy Day Special


Personalized Choco Care : There are chocolates and then there are Ferraro Rochers. This divine and delicious box of chocolates is exactly what she needs to feel like a queen on Valentine’s Day. Each of the 24 chocolates that she eats will melt in her mouth and remind her of how special and loving you are. Besides, you have the perfect opportunity to write what she truly means to you in your life in this a personalized Happy Valentine’s Day card too. So, what are you waiting for?

True Soulmate


Cute Cupcakes : Cup cakes for joy, cup cakes for love, cup cakes for passion! Add the element of surprise and sweetness by getting these mouth-watering cupcakes for her on Valentine’s Day. These happy tid-bits will just melt in her mouth and leave the most exotic after taste to linger on all day and all night! Along with the them comes a beautiful bouquet of crimson red roses that will heighten the aroma of tender love and care. Give it a shot! It’s totally worth it!

Kiss Day Special


The WOW Velvet : It’s the day you’ve been waiting for. How about getting the most special girl in your life a large heart shaped red velvet cake. You’re sure to take her breath away as heart is the shape that lovers adore and red is the color that will make her blush in excitement. The scent of the fresh red roses will travel near and far making the day a memorable one for both of you. Could there be a sweeter way to showcase your love. We say, no!

Propose Day Special

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