Mothers Day 2018

5 Types of Moms

The minute a woman becomes a MOM she joins the club of illustrious super humans. Her world is busy, her hands are full and there’s a lot that she does to make sure her kids stay happy and healthy. While each Mom is unique in her own way, Floroindia brings to you 5 distinct mothering styles that we absolutely love and appreciate! This Mother’s Day make the most of celebrating and cherishing the wonderful bond with that one special woman in your life – your mom by sending her small gifts as a token of her undying love towards you!

The Hands-on MOM – This type of mom has her hands full. Her list of To-Dos is bursting from her diary and she can’t stop adding to it. She’s the first to sign up for school volunteering, holding a play date or heading a car pool group. Her world revolves around her child and she seldom finds time to sit back and relax. Her idea of chilling is baking a cake or making cookies! Such a mom can never say no to anything her kids want to do! If your mom fits into this description she’ll be delighted to receive a handwritten card acknowledging all her efforts to make your growing up so much fun!

The Perfect MOM – She is perfect in every aspect. Her clothes are meticulously ironed, her kids are fashionably dressed, her waist line is trim and her kids are always snacking on healthy organic munchies. She is the kind of Mom each woman aspires to be! Never late for meetings, she is the one who in spite of everything answers the phone on the second ring. An object of envy and the pride of the family if your MOM is a perfectionist you must get find the perfect way to show her your love!! Now, a fresh strawberry cake and a hand-picked bouquet of fragrant flowers could definitely do the trick!

The Phone MOM – As the name suggest this mom is always on the phone, or at least has her phone within an arm’s distance. She is constantly co-ordinating with office or pick-ups from activity class. So addicted she is to the phone that often she chooses to Google for everything under the blue sky just as an excuse to check her phone! She’s the first to answer on each Whatsapp group and like a Facebook post. She’s the first to share information and always accessible for 24×7 help! If your Mom is she get her a box of her favourite chocolates and say your THANK YOUs!

The Helter Skelter MOM – She’s the Mom who’s all over the place. Always the last to reach the bus stop and often caught chasing the bus all the way to school. She’s late, forgetful and also a royal mess. You can see her chasing the kids to finish their snack while she’s busy co-ordinating with her office on the phone. While she can take lessons in planning and time management, she is an honest Mom who has the warmest and most endearing smiles of them all. Get your Helter Skelter Mom a bunch of beautiful red roses and her favourite flavour of cake! That’s the sweetest way to make her feel loved!

The In-control Mom – This Mom has a plan for everything. She knows the best books to buy, the best food to serve and the right things to say to kids. Her calm and composed stature makes one believe that she never has a bad day. Even if her kids are in the middle of a public display of tantrum nothing fetters or disturbs her. Her internal volcano almost never erupts. She always has the saint like expression and a sweet smile lining her face. If you happen to have an in-control Mom in your life you must send her the freshest cupcakes ever to accolade her for everything she’s done for you!

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