Valentines Teddy Day
Valentine's Day 2018

Sending Tight Teddy Hugs on TEDDY DAY

Why are teddy bears so special to us? Surprising since the real bears are anything but cute, cuddly and huggable! Yet, since we were children to now as adults our love affair with teddy bears has not stopped. So why stop yourself from celebrating TEDDY DAY that falls on 10th February each year! It is celebrated by big and small, young and old and everyone who loves this cute furry stuffed animal! has lots of reasons and special ways in which you can enjoy your favourite people on TEDDY DAY!

Celebrate with Your Childhood Friend : We all have that one special friend whom we grew up with, someone who we shared our deepest secrets, fears and sorrows with. Someone who helped us with homework and untiringly put up with our mood swings! TEDDY DAY is the perfect opportunity to send tight hugs and sweet remembrances of the special time spent with each other. There’s also a big box of 16 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates and a personalised Greeting Card to express your deepest gratitude that fills your heart.

Symbol of Love


Celebrate with Your Cuddle Bundle : So, there are a few people in our lives whose hugs mean the world to us. Their cuddly touch and warmth envelopes us with love and all our worries vanish into thin air. TEDDY DAY is the perfect reason to pamper them with lots of tender, love and care! Send the Cutest Teddy Bear to them for teddies are a reminder of the best magical hugs. You can also write a special note in a Greeting Card especially for them.

Soothing Love


Celebrate with Your Security Blanket : We all have some special people in our lives who we feel safe and protected with. Research says that stroking of the soft fur on a teddy bear has been found to be very therapeutic. Cuddling teddy bears gives a sense of peace, comfort and deep security. So on TEDDY DAY we can gift a gorgeous furry delight to people who make you feel better always. The ones who lift your spirit and make you smile without any reason!

Gesture of Love


Celebrate with the LOVE of Your Life : On TEDDY DAY give the real teddy bear in your life something to feel happy for! The one who makes you want to keep cuddling, hugging and being in love – Yes, your significant other! What say? You could give a big combo of a cut Teddy Bear with a Fresh Strawberry Cake, a bunch of Beautiful Crimson Red Roses and a Valentine’s Day Greeting Card. The fresh and light cake will elevate the spirit of your lover and make bring sheer joy of the richest kind! We bet, there’s no better way to make this day a day to remember, a day to cherish!

Cute Smile


So, let’s get ready to make the most of TEDDY DAY! It’s now or next year! Shop at and be the little cuddle bundle for the people you love!

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