Valentines Rose Day
Valentine's Day 2018

Seal Your Love with a Rose on ROSE DAY

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a rose? Love, deep care, admiration, passion! Yes, a rose is a symbol of sheer beauty! You feel great to receive roses any time, any day! With the count down to Valentine’s Day the enigmatic ROSE DAY falls on 7th February this year! We at are giving you the best ways to make your loved ones – not just lovers feel extra special on this very special occasion of ROSE DAY! All you have to do is send the right color of roses to express the right kind of emotions to the all the important people in your lives!

Red Roses for your LOVER: Can there be a better way to say “I Love You’ than a bunch of hand-picked long stemmed Blood Red Roses? We bet No! See the sparkle in the eyes of your lover when you send across this beautiful bouquet of red roses. Red roses speak of love silently, in a language known to the heart! Here is a Heart Shaped Red Rose Bouquet and a special Valentine’s Day Greeting Card that expresses your undying love! However you could choose from a big variety of red flowers at

Rose Day Special


Pink Roses for Your PARENTS: Our parents are the most taken for granted people in the world. It’s about time we acknowledge and reciprocate all the love they have for us! We suggest you choose the pinkest of Pink Fresh Roses as a surprise to them on ROSE DAY this year! While we often go the extra mile for our friends and colleagues, how about making our parents feel loved, cared for and appreciated in an endearing way! Pink flowers are an expression of gratitude and appreciation.

Radiant Pink


Multi-Colored Roses for your BEST FRIENDS : Friends are like flowers who fill the world with beauty! Different friends bring different emotions to our lives. We love them, care for them and feel fragrant and alive because of their good wishes. How about sending roses of different colours to all the people who fill sunshine in your life! Red because you love them, yellow for bringing joy in your life, orange for the passion you feel for them and pink for the appreciation you have in your heart for your best friends from school, growing up years, college life, at your work place – everyone who has spent an important part of live with you! Why wait? Give your best friends a wonderful and warm surprise on this ROSE DAY!

Best Wishes


Yellow Roses for NEW FRIENDS : Traditionally associated with happiness and joy, yellow roses symbolize our sunny new friendships. It is a sweet and fragrant gesture of new relationships and sweet remembrance. On this ROSE DAY send across a stylish a bouquet of yellow roses to new friends, new colleague at work or your neighbors to kindle new friendship! It truly is a classy way to say, “I’m thinking of you.

Royal Collection


So, time to give the special dose of love with beautiful roses and much more. Shop for sweet, adorable and thoughtful ROSE day gifts at right away!


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