Mothers Day 2018

Fab 5 Ways to MELT your MOM

Let’s start with a quiz! Name the person who fits this job title –

“No formal degree or prior experience needed; salary and job hours non-negotiable; no monetary benefits; lifetime tenure.” More than a 300 million Indian women now hold this position? Their job position is Mom!

Mom is the one person who has the most thankless job. There are no days off from work and nothing called a vacation. Even if she is physically away, her mind and attention is always on her child! Don’t you think such a selfless source of affection and love deserves something equally spectacular! Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you could order a Mother’s Day gift for your Mom online! Read on…

  1. You can’t go wrong with PINK – She may be your mother but she sure has the spirit of a young sweet girl. What better way to explore the playfulness and child in her. Get this soft, creamy and fresh cake to add more sweetness to the day. Believe the strawberry pieces will make her smile bit by bit! Team it up with a Bouquet of fragrant pink roses and you’ve got a winner on your hand!

  1. Variety for Joy! – Does your Mom make the same dinner for you each day? Of course not! She uses her creativity and fixes special meals each day for the family. Indeed, a super display of variety and versatility! Why should you not match her step? Here is a perfect solution to surprise her with something unique, novel and different. Get 4 distinct flavours of Dairy Milk Chocolate and make her remember this special day all month! When she gorges on 1-2 pieces each night after dinner she’ll always be thinking of you! What say?

  1. Love Mom? Now show it! – Love has many languages, how about you speak all of it! Yes, this Mother’s Day give your mom a heart shaped bouquet of fresh and fragrant red roses. Team it up with an exotic box of nutty chocolates to make her nuts in happiness and finally pen down how special she is to you in her life by handwriting a card to her. Yes, all this possible on the click of one single button…don’t believe me, see for yourself! Click on Royal Retreat.

  1. Hamper Happiness – There are lots of emotions that you feel for your mom. She plays so many roles all in one being your parent, your friend and also your guide! Is there just one perfect gift to appreciate and acknowledge her presence in your life? Oh yes! Get her this Huge Chocolate Hamper of her favourite chocolates that will make her nostalgic and take her down memory lane. We’re sure she’ll be smiling from ear to ear!

  1. Divine Desserts – The one thing that you always associate your mom with is her delectable and lip smacking food. A mom will spend hours to make the perfect sphere in a gulab jamun or the right consistency of her kheer. For all that she has done and continues to do she deserves to sit back and enjoy the day relishing deliciously divine desserts. A Bouquet of Red Roses will be the perfect icing to her cake! What say?

These fabulous gifts can be sent to your Mom at the click of a button. All you have to do is log on to and select from a wide choice of beautiful gifts in a budget that suits you!

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