Valentines Hug Day
Valentine's Day 2018

The Hugs Dictionary

Whoever thought that all hugs are the same, think again! There are various types of hugs that have different emotions attached to it. The world over Hug Day falls on 12th February each year and is very special for everyone. FloroIndia presents the HUG dictionary for the different types of hugs we give to important people around us. Shower these people with beautiful gifts on HUG DAY and make their day all the more memorable and special.

The BEAR Hug : The Bear hug is special. It is a tight embrace that speaks volumes of ‘Forever Love’. A bear hugs makes you feel secure and safe, deep in love and has a strong sense of commitment associated with it. For a person who makes you feel so special, it’s only right to shower him/her with something equally awesome! Get this real cute teddy bear on this HUG DAY and make hugs more endearing.

THE SQUEEZED HUG: This one is very special. It’s the hug you receive from an old friend whom you haven’t seen in a very long time. The one that your grandmother gives you every time she sees you because she doesn’t know when she’ll get to do it again! There is passion in this type of hug, a strong emotion oozing out of it that makes them very real! People who give you such hugs deserve something equally spectacular in return. You could send them Fresh Flowers and a personalised note on this HUG DAY talking about what their hugs mean to you!

The Long HUG: These hugs are meaningful and convey emotions easily. To be hugged long and hard feels great especially after a long day at work. If your mom does that to you, it means that she is by your side. If it’s your spouse hold-hugging you it could mean that they’re seeking your support. Hugs are given to make someone feel better but this hug is so potent, it automatically makes the giver feel happier and cheerful. For all the beautiful people in your life who give you these loving Long hugs you must get them a Pack of Chocolates on HUG Day! It’s really the least you can do to say THANKS a MILLION!

The Back Stroke HUG: This is a very common hug between members of a family or friends. In this hug, while embracing each other you give a little rub on the back to express your happiness. It is genuinely the friendliest and most harmless hug exchanged between two people. For all the people who you Back Stroke it’s time to send a little surprise on HUG DAY. You could send them little Cupcakes to cheer and celebrate the camaraderie and love that you share with each other! What say?

The Half Hug : A one arm hug is the quickest way to show you care. Generally, mom and dads give this hug at the bus stop while dropping kids. It is also done between lovers or friends while walking together or sharing the same couch.It could mean a number of different things when exchanged by different types of relationships. One thing is for common – the person genuinely cares! So for everyone who half hugs you or is happy to receive that half from you deserves a tad bit more on this HUG DAY!

So, make the most of HUG DAY with the special people in your life! Shop at for flowers, gifts, cakes and goodies right away!

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