Fragrant Bonds of Love on BHAI DOOJ

Bhai Dooj is the most important Hindu festival celebrating the love between a brother and sister second only to Rakhshabandhan. On this day the sister applies tikka on the brother’s forehead and prays for his long and prosperous life. The brother in an act of gratitude and love offers presents to his sister. Bhai Dooj is fervently celebrated across the country where it is called Ningol Chakuba in Manipur, Bhau Beej in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Goa and Bhai Phota in Bengal. It is an opportunity to rejoice over the sacred and precious bond between brother and sister with fun and passion along with the whole family. It is also the occasion to feel responsible for nurturing this beautiful relationship that has seen years of togetherness. Yet, there are many people who cannot be physically present on this auspicious day of Bhai Dooj. Some are bound by geographical distances and some pre-occupied with unavoidable commitments. While, the significance of the festival has not changed, our customs and traditions have evolved over time.

       In the 21st century Bhai Dooj is celebrated with a modern twist and the whole concept of giving gifts has changed. Social media has become an inherent part of expressing love. Emails, e-greetings, chocolates and little hampers are popular gifts for making someone feel special. However, the most fragrant and symbolic way to showcase your love is sending fresh flowers! Floroindia.com does just that! It is a unique platform helping you to walk that extra mile to convey and express your undying love to your brother/ sister on Bhai Dooj. Flowers, sweets and thoughtful gifts symbolize good wishes and remembrance. Floroindia.com is a one of a kind online flower delivery website that delivers more than just flowers – it delivers a part of you and your feelings to people who mean the world to you. Visit floroindia.com to watch the extensive catalogue of products and packages and compare them across the board.  There is a whole range of colours, sweets, gifts and packaging options plus it will be delivered with a greeting card!

      Generally celebrated two days after Diwali, this year Bhai Dooj falls on 21st October 2017. So, wait not and get shopping for your loved ones on floroindia.com!

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