Fathers Day 2018

Five DIY gifts to thank your unsung hero! 

You are running around the house, trying to find your mobile charger and in a jiffy, you hit the corner of the table and abruptly cry aloud, “Aai Ga”. There’s slight pain, there’s mother to the rescue!

Now, you are driving safely and an erratic driver hammers your car, you panic and yell “Arre baapre!”. There’s a big trouble, there’s father to the rescue!

Fathers are those behind the scene support systems that are rarely under the spotlight but always make sure the stage is well lit and the show goes on! They toil hard only to make sure their kid has a good night’s sleep. It’s easier said that done. Gulping down your worries for the good of others and fighting the storms in silence to keep the ship sailing. But dads do it. Yes. And they need to be thanked for all they’ve done for you!


June 17 is not far away! Plan your gift, it’s Father’s Day! 

Father’s Day is just round the corner and it’s this good time of the year when you acknowledge what your father has done for you by gifting him a token of your love.

If what to gift is a question, chuck the typical and go for something unique!

Here are five creative gifts you can give your dad and thank him for always being there…

Memorabilia frame with a fresh flower bouquet: Pick your choicest memories with your dad, gather all the pics that remind you both of the long way you have come, make an interesting collage and frame it to hang it on the best well of your house. Thank your dad wholeheartedly and make sure each time he walks through the room, he knows you love him a lot! And then to further make him smile, order a bouquet of his favourite flowers and make him smile wide! Log in to www.floroindia.com to choose the best!

Handmade bucket list diary and a box of assorted chocolates: Prepare a quick cute diary with handmade paper that is available online and even at craft stores. Decorate it, keep it simple but impactful and ask your dad to write down his bucket list in it. Dads hardly have time to stop and think of their desires and wishes. Make sure you fulfill those wishes until the next birthday and every wish you fulfill, click its pictures and paste in the diary. Stationery goes perfectly well with a box of delicious chocolate! So when he is writing his bucket list, happiness is chocolacious! 

Tyre chairs for a cup of coffee and cake: Look out for some waste tyres, clean them and paint them in the brightest colors to make a perfect Sunday patio for your garden. Make sure you and your dad sit there and sip coffee over a good conversation. Sit down, relax, eat some cake and share a big laugh!

Handmade travel pouch and a card: If your dad travels too much too frequently, give him something handy that he’ll put to good use and every time he sees it, remembers you! This way you’ll be with him even when away! Take an old shirt you no longer use, stitch it up to make a good pouch for keeping all his travel essentials. Bonus? Order a cute card and write all your feelings in there! We had a huge variety of cards, scroll and pick. 

A chart for his good health & a combo gift pack: Gift him a well written creatively designed diet and routine that’ll help him take care of his health. Keep it as a daily planner in his room, write the to-do and not-to-do list, draw pictures and keep a track of it. Your efforts will persuade him to look after himself and also make him happy to see your concern. But before you begin his regime, gift him a superb combo of flowers, chocolates and cake from our website floroindia.com so he enjoys to his heart’s content!

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