Children's Day 2017

Happy Children’s Day

Childhood is all about innocence, playfulness, joy and freedom. Childhood is the fun unlimited, sprinkling showers of love and mischief. Childhood is like glittering stars the more you love them they will shine more.  They are one of the beautiful gifts of God and conquer our hearts with their beautiful eyes, innocent activities and smiles. They are filled with innocent heart and they win the heart of everyone with their innocent smile. Every child is different kinds of flower, they are colourful and make our surrounding scented. Children are world’s most valuable asset and the kindling hope of the world’s future.

Children’s Day in India is celebrated on 14th Nov the birthdate of India’s First Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Every year it was his wish that, his birthday would be celebrated as the Children’s Day. Hence, after his death, we offer him tribute by celebrating 14th November as Children’s Day. This day elevates the awareness of people towards the rights, care and education of children. Children’s Day gives everyone an opportunity to cherish the loving spirit of childhood and rekindle the child. On the day we enjoy to celebrate the lost childhood of ours. We think that we have grown up and now, there is no scope for the childhood craziness. We start minding our actions and this slowly friezes our behaviour. As the time passes we go on becoming more sophisticated. But the children’s day can unfold our soul by imparting unconditional love or just by doing those things we have missed in our childhood days.

Children’s Day celebration brings lots of fun to kids. They just dance, run, hip hop, singing rhymes, eating sweets and crunchy chocolates, stories, watching cartoon and much more things can make their day unforgettable. will give you a wide variety of cakes, chocolates, flowers and gifts.

Many activities can be arranged in colonies and societies. All the school arrange cultural activities, many games and competitions. Schools are decorated with the mood of children’s day. Childhood is the most significant phase of the life which should be healthy and happy with the sound mind and sound environment. So that of every child can be prepared to lead their nation ahead. As being the citizen of the country, we should understand our responsibilities and save the future of the nation. Children should be nurtured by everyone very carefully and lovingly for the bright future of the country.

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