Valentines Day

Everything You Want to Know about Valentine’s Day

Think of love and think of Valentine’s Day! Also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or Feast of Saint Valentine it is a traditional holiday marking respect to a Roman priest, St Valentine or Valentinus. Valentine’s Day is celebrated all over the world with great fervour and excitement in order to remember him on 14th February […]

Valentines Gifts for Him

Romantic Gifts For HIM on VALENTINE’S DAY

Ask anyone which is the most romantic day of the year and you will hear one and only one answer – Valentine’s Day! Celebrated with great spirit and gusto all over the world, Valentine’s day is celebrated as lover’s holiday on 14th February every year. People in love spend the day together sharing and expressing […]

Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Romantic VALENTINES DAY Gifts for HER

You love her and she loves you right back! There’s a little magic and a special tug in the heart! Come Valentine’s Day your feelings for her heighten and the warm joy of being loved spreads far and wide. You want to take her to the moon and back. You want to be the reason […]

Valentines Kiss Day

Awesome Gifts For a Romantic KISS DAY

Happiness is like a kiss. You must share it to enjoy it! With Valentine’s Week celebrations in full spirit Kiss day is a special day for lovers and it falls on 13th February each year. It is celebrated with gusto and joy all over the globe where people in love share gifts along with sweet […]

Valentines Hug Day

The Hugs Dictionary

Whoever thought that all hugs are the same, think again! There are various types of hugs that have different emotions attached to it. The world over Hug Day falls on 12th February each year and is very special for everyone. FloroIndia presents the HUG dictionary for the different types of hugs we give to important […]

Valentines Promise Day

Promise to a Prosperous Relationship

Promise day is one of the most important days in the Valentine’s Week celebration. Falling 5th in the week long celebration it is celebrated on 11th of February every year. Following the cute and romantic rose day, teddy day, chocolate day and propose day, Promise day symbolises assurance and guarantee of togetherness forever. Different couples […]

Valentines Teddy Day

Sending Tight Teddy Hugs on TEDDY DAY

Why are teddy bears so special to us? Surprising since the real bears are anything but cute, cuddly and huggable! Yet, since we were children to now as adults our love affair with teddy bears has not stopped. So why stop yourself from celebrating TEDDY DAY that falls on 10th February each year! It is […]

Valentines Chocolate Day

Choose Chocolate for Happiness

A sweet surprise and delectable delight that’s what a chocolate is all about. The most enjoyable day of the Valentine’s Week is Chocolate Day which falls on the 9 February and celebrated with enthusiasm all over the world. This day is spent spreading happiness giving chocolates to all the people you care about; your friends, […]