5 Bhai Dooj Gifts to Make Your Brother’s Day

So, your brother’s away this Bhai Dooj! Worry not! There’s a lot that you can do to still make him feel special and loved. Sometimes distances give the perfect opportunity to express your true feelings to your siblings and cousins. Floroindia.com lists the top 5 ways to bring that magical smile on your loved one’s face this Bhai Dooj!

Colour Me Happy: What could be a better gift than receiving fresh flowers beautifully set in a glass vase by someone who loves you dearly! Clearly nothing! Happy Gerberas for the brother you love so much is the ideal way to express your feelings this Bhai Dooj! Book yours now through floroindia online flower same day delivery.

Sunshine Gerberas

Price: Rs. 500

A Colourful Bonanza: Love speaks the language of colours! With a bouquet of roses in mesmerising hues you can stir the heart of your sibling instantly! Why wait? Order for the Misty Roses right away and let the warmth of love overtake you!

Misty Roses

Price: Rs. 3000

Nostalgia Wrapped in Sweet Amber: On festivals and special occasions like Bhai Dooj you are hit by strong bonds of love and nostalgia. Your relationship with your brother has been iconic – full of highs, lows, masti and drama. Your growing up years was full of carefree banter and fun. This box of Motichoor Laddu will be like taking a walk down memory lane. It will instantly make him want to call you and say a big Thank You for all the happiness you’ve shared together! What are you waiting for? Order away!

Moti Choor Laddu

Price: Rs. 700

The Combo Joy: Love your brother too much? Now you can show it more than one way! You can deliver an exciting combination of a half kg rich chocolate cake and bunch of 6 red roses. While the chocolate will transport you into countless childhood memories the roses will symbolise your unending love for him.

Adorable Combo

Price: Rs. 750

Kill it with Kaju Katlis: A rich and indulgent box of Kaju Katlis is the ideal way to celebrate a prosperous relationship this Bhai Dooj! Could your brother ask for more? You’re bound to bring him all the happiness in the world by receiving an all-time favourite!

All Time Favourite

Price: Rs. 1300 for 1 kg

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