Valentines Teddy Day

Sending Tight Teddy Hugs on TEDDY DAY

Why are teddy bears so special to us? Surprising since the real bears are anything but cute, cuddly and huggable! Yet, since we were children to now as adults our love affair with teddy bears has not stopped. So why stop yourself from celebrating TEDDY DAY that falls on 10th February each year! It is […]

Valentines Chocolate Day

Choose Chocolate for Happiness

A sweet surprise and delectable delight that’s what a chocolate is all about. The most enjoyable day of the Valentine’s Week is Chocolate Day which falls on the 9 February and celebrated with enthusiasm all over the world. This day is spent spreading happiness giving chocolates to all the people you care about; your friends, […]

Valentines Propose Day

Profess your Love on PROPOSE DAY

So you have a crush on someone for a long time? Now, you can express your true emotions to your significant other on a very special day called Propose Day. This is the second day of very romantic Valentines Week that comes on 8th February where youngsters share their emotions with someone they really like. […]

Valentines Rose Day

Seal Your Love with a Rose on ROSE DAY

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a rose? Love, deep care, admiration, passion! Yes, a rose is a symbol of sheer beauty! You feel great to receive roses any time, any day! With the count down to Valentine’s Day the enigmatic ROSE DAY falls on 7th February […]

Valentines Day Gifts Ideas

Valentine’s Day Gifts Ideas 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What gift can you give to your significant other to make them feel special? This choice is always a tough one. With a wardrobe bursting of clothes that’s definitely not an option and no gadgets are not cool as they positively divert the attention from you. So, what […]