Association of Flowers with Health and Emotions

Nature has lot more to give us to survive and to add beauty to our lives. Flowers are the most delicate creation of nature that reflects beauty, innocence and delicacy. When we sit in a pleasant garden, surrounded by colourful flowers,chirping birds, multicoloured flying butterflies and a light breeze around you which give you a […]

5 Bhai Dooj Gifts to Make Your Brother’s Day

So, your brother’s away this Bhai Dooj! Worry not! There’s a lot that you can do to still make him feel special and loved. Sometimes distances give the perfect opportunity to express your true feelings to your siblings and cousins. lists the top 5 ways to bring that magical smile on your loved one’s […]

Fragrant Bonds of Love on BHAI DOOJ

Bhai Dooj is the most important Hindu festival celebrating the love between a brother and sister second only to Rakhshabandhan. On this day the sister applies tikka on the brother’s forehead and prays for his long and prosperous life. The brother in an act of gratitude and love offers presents to his sister. Bhai Dooj […]